Bellevue Community Foundation

In 1990, when a widow faced foreclosure on her home, the Bellevue community stepped up to help a neighbor in trouble. Almost $30,000 was raised in a matter of months. A Charitable Trust was established, and the home was bought by the community. 

Upon her death in 2005, the home was sold in a sealed-bid auction and the funds deposited until a plan on how to administer the proceeds was established.

In 2007, the Bellevue Community Fund was established in association with the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee with a goal to grow the fund and create a pool of charitable dollars to support programs serving the Bellevue Community.

Every year, under the direction of the Board of Trustees, funds are disbursed to qualified Bellevue organizations. 

Over the years, the Trustees expanded their work to include beautification, clean up, emergency preparedness, food drives and an annual fundraising event. The name evolved to become the Bellevue Community Foundation, an organization committed to working in collaboration with like-minded civic organizations in Bellevue.    

Board of Trustees

Hattie DeWalt


Sheri Weiner,

Vice President

Mona Binda

Zach Heil

Wyatt Rampy

Alan Thompson

Janie Chaffin

Tonya Jones

Dave Rosenberg

Jacob Tippets

Cole Crocker

Brenda King

James “Boo” Sanders

Charlie Tygard

Kimberly Davis

Kelly Kormos

Rhonda Smart

Judy Tygard

Gloria Hausser

Flossie Maxwell

Wendy Spira

Michael Van Tassel

Michelle Heil

Clyde Ramey

Mary Pat Teague

Mindy Van Tassel